what causes Obesity?

The simple truth
The main reason people become fat is very simple:
If you eat more calories than needed by your body on a daily (known as "energy imbalance"), the excess calories will be converted into fat.
If this energy imbalance continues for a period of time, resulting in fat or obese.
Trend of weight gain varies from person to person due to genetic factors such as pre-existing health problems, general activity level and mobility problems.

Your metabolism dictates the effectiveness of the calories are used.
Each person has their own books daily calorie needs, called basal metabolic rate.

When you eat more calories than your BMR requires, the excess calories turn, excess weight.
Think of the calories and outgoing, like a checking account that must be balanced. When you eat and drink, calories from food or drink is used or banks.
In case you do not spend the calories effectively, additional revenue is stored in your body overweight. Your cells grow and multiply overweight and weight gain.
Other causes feasible
It is important to note that there are other causes, underlying that may contribute to the tendency to be overweight or overweight.
There are some factors in weight gain that basically have no control. For example. Some illnesses can cause weight gain, Cushing's disease. Sure drugs like steroids and antidepressants can cause weight gain.
There are other underlying problems that often lead to weight gain, such as genetics, environmental factors, psychological problems, lack of physical activity due to injury or illness and eating disorders such as BED (disorder binge eating).
The baseline
The story is lovely, whatever the cause (s) including any uncontrolled intake of calories contributing control factors and increased activity levels is an effective way for someone to reach and maintain a healthy weight.


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